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Item Shop :

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Item Shop :

Post by RONtaku on Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:12 pm

Welcome to Anime Society Shop. You can spend your points and reputation here. Here is the List of Item that you can buy

Glowing Name . This will make your name glow. You can choose whatever color that you like or You can go here to customize what color you like http://www.css3maker.com

Price: 300 points or 30 reputation
(Not Yet Available) Glitter Name. This will make your name glitter

Price : 400 points or 50 reputation
Signature Banner. We will make you a signature banner that you can see below your post. Just tell us what character.

Price : 1500 points or 250 reputation
Profile Picture or Avatar. We will make you a profile picture that you can see in every post. Just tell us what character.

Price : 1300 points or 200 reputation
Title Changed. This can change your title in any available title in the Forums. It can also be a customize title

(Available Titles in the Forum)
Price : 2000 points or 500 reputation
(Customize Titles)
Price : 2300 points or 600 reputation
Username Change. This can only be done once, it lets you change your username.

Price : 3000 points or 800 reputation
VIP Membership. It will let you buy anything from this shop

Price : 5000 points or 1000 reputation
Note : If you donate on our forum (any amount) you will be an instant VIP

How are points calculated?

* Points generated by the number of posts
* Points generated by the number of topics created
* Points generated by the number of friends that the user has
* Reputation points
* Points generated by the registration date of the member
* Points generated by the number of message on his profile

You can gain points by logging in everyday.

How will I earn Reputation ?
If someone press thank you button on your comment. There is positive vote and negative vote also that let you earn reputation.


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Re: Item Shop :

Post by Animeroldan on Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:44 am

And why cant i create any topic, it always says 7 days bfore posting

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